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Which is best in SADDLE PANELS?

Wool, foam, or air.

Resisting the trend toward cheaper production methods using foam rubber panels and plastic trees, County saddles continue to be painstakingly handmade on our laminated beechwood trees, covered in the worlds finest leather, and flocked with pure wool to maximize your horses' comfort and fit. As one of the few saddlery companies in the world which actually make their own trees, County sets the industry standard in design and innovation. 


Our traditional methods take longer and require a higher degree of craftsmanship, but once you sit in a County, we know you will agree that the results are clearly worth it. Although we custom make saddles for many of the worlds leading riders, our commitment to quality and detail is reflected in every saddle we make, including the one we will make for you. - Gene Freeze


We create saddles for all disciplines that is not only a beautiful masterpiece in craftsmanship, but is designed to support horse and rider biomechanics function using our Internationally trained MSA Accredited County Fitting Specialists.


We continue that tradition in the way we market and service our products since our inception in 1975, with a mobile, stable to stable, Saddle fitting and Test ride service with word of mouth proven results in all disciplines. We are proud to have a huge network of passionate specialized professional people, focused on quality, professional saddle fitting and equine performance, not only in our UK factory, but across the globe to where and how they are sold.


Our County Specialists, Saddle-fitters and Collaborator’s are Internationally Accredited and trained in all aspects of the business, regularly and constantly, so we have ongoing and evolving support.

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