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The Mattes Correction Dressage Half Pad has two pockets either side, front and rear. It allows you to customize the fit of your saddle to compensate for changes in the horses back. High quality, Suffolk/merino sheepskin is so dense that the fibres mould perfectly to your horse. Naturally breathable and moisture wicking, it has a quilted cotton top and a contoured cut for a comfortable fit over the withers. The Mattes Correction Pad system is ideal for horses that are either out of shape/from or returning from an injury, where incremental correction may be needed as the horse’s back and shoulders gain muscle tone. It is also good for one-sided horses or as a rear or front riser. The unique design of the Mattes Correction Pad incorporates four pockets along the spine – two front pockets and two rear pockets. Shims (12 included) fit into these pockets for a completely custom fit. You can shim the pad in one pocket, or in all four pockets, depending on the need of each particular horse. As the horse gains muscle you can eliminate the shims one by one to give him room to muscle up into the saddle. This half pad has a heavy-duty outer cotton quilt, with the patented Mattes stitching pattern. Correction – The Mattes CORRECTION®-SYSTEM was recently rated the #1 therapeutic pad on the equine market by the Horse Journal. The Mattes CORRECTION®-SYSTEM helps maintain balance and straightness for horses that change form through a season or have asymmetries. POLY-FLEX® Shims are resilient, do not bottom out like foam or other materials, and allow incremental adjustments to be made easily. The shims are 5mm thick, designed to be layered, and are easily trimmed with scissors to taper the ends and create a pressure free fit if multiple shims are necessary.

Mattes Correction Half Pad (Front Roll)

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