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Connection 17.5 Wide Choco Brown Bull Straight Flap

Connection 17.5

    County Saddlery Australia

    All Demo saddles are sold “AS IS” and are not subject to any standard warranty, except for the
    Conditional Life Time Warranty on the tree. All sales are “Final”. THEY ARE NOT FOR TRIAL (unless a 5 day
    trial is purchase with the saddle, in this case the sale is final 5 days from the date the saddle is received) and may
    not be returned for any reason. It is entirely up to the customer, and is solely responsible for determining exactly
    what their individual saddle requirements are including but not limited to, seat size, tree size, and flap
    requirements etc.
    Under no circumstances shall County Saddlery Australia or any/all of its officers, directors, owners or employees
    of County Saddlery be liable for any direct, special, including incidental, consequential,
    punitive or other damages, that may result, whether in action, arising out of or in connection with the
    use or performance of the website, delivery of goods or the merchandise itself.
    Horse activities are inherently dangerous. The manufacturers, distributors and sellers will not accept
    any responsibility for injury, death, lameness or illness resulting from the misuse of the products. A
    saddle fitting consultation with your County Representative is required to assess suitability of the
    saddle and your needs. Fees and charges apply. The full purchase price of the saddle, plus shipping
    and handling charges will be invoiced to the customer. Saddles are not available to be shipped outside
    Australia. County Saddlery Australia uses TNT Express.
    Horse Safety: Horses can, for innumerable reasons, become sore in their backs, stifles, hocks etc. and
    change shape for a multitude of reasons, some of which are; feed, condition, type and level of work,
    seasonal change, lameness or lay-up etc. When an owner/rider suspects that their saddle is causing
    soreness or discomfort; it is the owner’s responsibility to immediately cease the use of the saddle and
    seek veterinary advice. Failing to do so can compound an otherwise minor problem and potentially
    result in long term injury. County Saddlery Inc. is not responsible for injury or soreness due to the
    owner’s failure to immediately cease the use of their saddle if discomfort or injury is suspected nor for
    problems which may relate directly or indirectly to pre-existing problems.

    Client Acknowledgement - 
    Upon purchase, I agree each line of the order and return policy has been reviewed, is correct and meets with my specifications. 

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