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Been riding at Royals since the 1970’s and was champion junior rider at Canberra in 1978.

Throughout my corporate life I took thoroughbreds off the track for showing winning ridden mare two years running at Canberra 1993 & 1994. Built up a thoroughbred spelling business in Moss Vale serving private owners and metropolitan trainers, for twelve years.

Became addicted to dressage at the age of 40 when I was given a Cleveland Bay cross – by the Lunchtime stallion that I stood. (Grecian Ford) Began training with Miguel Tavora and after a number of big horses did not hold up to the work, I took along a little pony that I’d bred, by Rising Sovereign of Beckworth.  Miguel guided us right through to Grand Prix, with training that always focussed on kindness and understanding the mechanics of the horse.


It is because of the understanding, of the way a horse moves that I cannot do without my tailor made County Saddles.  I ride a 12.2 hh Australian Pony by Koora-Lyn Tishka at Advanced level and a warmblood by Welfenadle – all in tailor made County Saddles. I rely completely on having a saddle that works with the horse and has the follow up service of highly trained County Saddle Fitters. If you’re having trouble with the changes, if your half pass is difficult – review your equipment – take the time to experience a County Saddle Fit.  You and  your horse, will feel the difference immediately.


For me, nothing comes close to the closeness and balance of the County saddles.

- Pamela Bice Graham Park Stables

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