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Since the beginning of horseback riding, man has failed to make a girth that lines up with the billets and give the horse more elbow room. Until now.

Features: The Logic Girth is anatomically designed to provide clearance for the elbow and line up with the billets, thus preventing the saddle from being pulled down and forward into the withers when the girth is tightened. Achieving more comfort for the horse and a more elegant look for the rider is simple, when you apply Logic. Long and Short.

Standard Girths  ( Black, Brown, Chestnut)

$329.95 + Postage.
Custom Girths ( White. Black, Brown, Chestnut with any white Backing)

 $379.95 + postage

All Available in Dressage/Show for long pointed saddles. And Jumping (for short pointed saddles)

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County Leathers - In the tradition of County saddles, County leathers are hand made of the finest materials available.

Features: Sold in sets of two, Available in Black, Brown, Chestnut & Cognac.

Leathers (Black, Brown, Chestnut)

$229.95 + Postage

Customers to contact us at

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