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My Passion for horses started from a very young age due growing up around horses amongst my family. I first began riding when I was eight, with my first pony being a show pony I have only ever had interest in show horses. Everything about show horses interests me and I began to become highly passionate.


I have been fortunate enough to have some successful ponies under the guidance of Vicky and Chris Lawrie. Currently competing on my four-year-old Large open Galloway. I believe my custom fit county perfection has been a major asset to our success. Only owning Levi for a year now I have been fortunate enough to have been titled two Horse of the year tittles, third at the recent EA Nationals and a scholarship to England after winning at the ENSW Southern stars show. After riding in my first County Perfection at the age of fifteen I have never and will never go back to a different saddle.


No matter what horse I ride, my county perfection is put on for the comfort of both myself and the horse, fitted impeccably by Mel Waller. Proudly sponsored by County Saddlery, I can highly recommend no other saddles but County for both the horse and rider. 

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