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Bailey Grofski is a dressage rider based at Wolffdene in Queensland.  Bailey currently rides the FEI mare Dicavalli Royal Dancer, who he has trained from novice level through to Intermediare 1.  Bailey and Royal Dancer have had much success at club, state, national and CDI level over the last 3 and a half years together and are hoping to continue their journey towards Grand Prix.

When Bailey is not riding dressage horses, he is a full-time performer at the Australian Outback Spectacular, where he performs in the Return of The High-Country Riders production.

Royal Dancer wears a County Connection and all her saddle fitting dramas ended with the discovery of County saddles!  “We have tried many saddles and have found it impossible to stop saddles from slipping up onto Remi’s shoulders.  This resulted in tension over the back and an unwillingness to move like we know Remi can.  Since having the Connection, along with the constant support of Mel Waller, we have finally found a saddle that stays put and does not restrict Remi’s shoulders.  County has certainly been the best choice for Remi’s back”! Bailey Grofski.

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